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CARNE: thought leader, market driver

Carne is currently very active in the industry and is significantly growing its clients base and has also hired additional experts to manage growth and new asset classes. An interview with Steve Bernat, CEO, and Elisabeth Patiño George, head of alternative investments.


Steve, what progress would you say Carne has made in 2016?

Steve Bernat: It was a fantastic year for our business, as we have added prestigious brand names in the asset management, insurance, family office, as well as real estate and private equity space to our Management Company and directorship business. This included clients from around the globe. Today, Carne is a trusted global fund management solutions provider in all asset classes.

Earlier this year, we were also the first third party Management Company to be licensed under the RQFII scheme by the Chinese authorities. Furthermore, we launched our first RAIF (Reserved Alternative Investment Fund) in November with a few more to be implemented shortly.

While we have done all of this, we have not forgotten to hire additional talented individuals to manage the growth, but also additional asset classes. Thus, the reason for our success is undoubtedly the depth of knowledge of our experts, combined with the stability of our senior team.


"Today, Carne is a trusted global fund management solutions provider in all asset classes"
Steve Bernat


Elisabeth, you are one of the most recent experts who Carne has hired to act as head of alternative investments. What does a company like Carne need to replicate its success in the alternative sector?

Elisabeth Patiño George: Correct, I have recently joined Carne from Allianz Global Investors, where I was a portfolio manager for private equity investments. As a client of Carne in my previous role, it was of paramount importance to me that I could deal with a provider who speaks the same language and who has an in-depth understanding of my needs.

This is of particular importance in the illiquid space, given that once a client has invested, he or she is committed for a significant number of years.  At Allianz Global Investors, I worked on investments within the renewable energy sector, where investments have an average duration of 20 years. So it’s essential to get things right from the very start.

Carne has what it takes to advise clients: excellent people, who know the market insight-out and robust processes, which make every transaction go smooth.

Luxembourg isn’t really an asset management hub, so it’s tough to find people with portfolio management expertise. Hence, I trust that my expertise can add value to Carne’s alternative investment clients.


"Carne has what it takes to advise clients"

Elisabeth Patiño George


Carne is known as a thought leader in the industry through conferences such as its annual Funds Congress. What are you planning next?

Steve Bernat: Carne looks at fund governance from various perspectives and out of several jurisdictions with its more than 100 staff across 8 locations. Thus, we feel that we have a responsibility to effect positive change in the industry. In addition to being involved in numerous industry working groups and committees, we pro-actively host conferences, breakfast seminars and one-to-one sessions for our clients and partners all over the world on a range of topics such as Brexit or the new RAIF structure. Our most prominent event, Funds Congress, which has evolved into the biggest asset management conference in central-London, is next taking place on February 9th 2017. 1,500 guests registered for this event in 2016. During this year’s event, industry leaders will share their opinion on the major opportunities being created in these disruptive times. The questions will be who will innovate and capture these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities and seize the price. Well, Carne certainly wants to be part of it and design innovative fund management solutions for the global asset management industry today and in the years to come.

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